graphic design chicago

Getting to know my clients as much as possible is an important part of my process because it allows me to better understand the client's needs. Not telling you a little about myself, in return, would be just plain rude.


I am deliberate, clear and aware; equipped with the ability to think both conceptually and rationally. I solve problems through design using research, process and experimentation.

Observing the world around me, I have come to appreciate design in all of its forms including interior spaces and architecture. My passion for design is coupled with a love of nutrition and healthy living.

I also enjoy the simpler things in life such as a cool summer evening, a good cup of coffee or a nice textured paper. I can't live without my vitamix, gridded Moleskines or my dogs Preston and Grantham. I can live without negativity, clutter and meat.


freelance designer at Bring | 11.2011-present
freelance designer | 2009-present


adobe creative suite, adobe lightroom, publication/layout, branding/identity, typography, web design, html/css, wordpress, search engine optimization, social media marketing, photography, bookbinding

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